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4 sept  2005 - 15e de 16 jours - au Qubec
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Morning mistIn the wild


Today, we could sum it all up to: We're still more mile...and another...

Marc is living quite a challenge: Riding a quad that moves like a three legged dog...

Stopping the engine is always risky: Will we be able to start it again? Don't forget that we have to push it every time we want to restart it since it's continuously in gear (Just like with a broken manual clutch).

Since we can't stop the quad from moving without shutting off the engine...

...We keep on going... slowly... without too many breaks...

All kinds of weird noises come out of the clutch compartement...Each uphill we face, we think it'll be the last one, everything's going to come apart...Well no! It makes it up there as zippy as a snail...But wait, here comes one more hill!

What a torture for the clutch! She's grinding, knocking, crying, but she's still pulling! That is going to cost a bundle! Apparently, a clutch assembly cost around $800.00 (Canadian-local)...Ouch!...We're going to have to work overtime...

Speaking of overtime, it's already 5:00pm (punching time)...

The quad had enough and so do I (Marc). But, it's only about 20 miles to Latuque. Maybe we should push a little more. If we can't start it, in the morning, at least, we'll be in town where it'll be easier to get some help.

Here, you will understand how much France likes being out camping...
I suggest pushing to Latuque while we can, we could rent a motel, have a shower, a meal at the restaurant, (really just relax) and tomorrow, if we have troubles, we'll be close to services...

A little caucus... 


Marc:" But...Honey..."

France:"Ah No, there's only one night left..."

Marc: "Don't you think it would feel nice, a shower and a bed? And it would be safer!"

France: "AAhhhh....(pouting...) it's so nice, here."

Marc: "Of course, you don't have to drive the snail..."

France: "Ah no, let's stay here tonight, we'll see tomorrow, come on!"

Marc: "Grummmmmmumbellingmmmmmm..............."

Final result: The motel...


...I got to is nice...

...The shower...


...The restaurant...


Bhhh! See you tomorrow...

Yeah ! The bright side!
Yeah ! We move so slow that France has lots of time to enjoy the scenery.
Bof... Already!
Bof... Last night of camping out.




Our tent was chosen with a few things in mind:

-the rain fly goes all the way to the ground.

-most of the tent is made of bg screen, better air circulation in hot weather.

-inside height lets you stand up.

-vestibule: very handy to undress
               (mud on your clothes).


On the down side:

-not so easy to assemble

-sleep on the ground
(humidity + uneven terrain)


trucs_tente_2.jpg (9809 octets)


trucs_tente.jpg (13276 octets)

The tent

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  • 90 miles in 9 hrs
  • 10 miles/hr average
















Trails: easy
Conditions: horrible!











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