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If you think our work does'nt look professionnal,
remember that Noah's ark was built by an amateur
while the Titanic was the work of professionnals!!!


A dew proof clothes line... +++DETAILS
It can be installed almost anywhere thanks to it's magnet base and metal back... +++DETAILS
When it just can't wait any longer but you still don't want to take any chances... Especially since you only met the person a few minutes ago...+++DETAILS
How to keep eggs intact on rough trails...+++DETAILS
When it rains, it becomes an essential dry place to +++DETAILS
Light, compact and sometimes... essential +++DETAILS
Surprising!! To get cool ice cream on your next ride, +++ DETAILS
A bug net comes in very handy when you want to enjoy the outdoors without being eaten alive by mosquitoes +++ DETAILS
An easy trick to lift one wheel of a quad +++DETAILS cliquer pour grandir
An excellent trick to cool off: +++DETAILS
Our food container is placed within...DETAILS

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In order to keep food and drinks cold (warm beer tastes awful...) we have a  ...DETAILS glaciere_truc.jpg (16351 octets)

How can the cooler work with all that dust?...DETAILS


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Tasty trick today:
Although we mostly carry non-perishable food, we still have all it takes...DETAILS


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Handy when travelling ondusty trails, a small soap container...DETAILS


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The simple solution to stop loosing bungee cords...DETAILS


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In an effort to have a minimum level of safety while sleeping in bear country,...DETAILS

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built a trailer according to our specific needs ...DETAILS remorque_1.jpg (11847 octets)
Wich quad should we use ? + DETAILS quad 800.2.jpg (16382 octets)
For a quick lunch the ''kitchen'' is great. +DETAILS trucs_cuisne_petit.jpg (25608 octets)
It's a more or less free standing tent built on circular +++DETAILS trucs_tente_pop_up.jpg (13614 octets)
Our complete wardrobe lies in these to bins that are +++DETAILS truc_caisse_small.jpg (13889 octets)
What goes from 12 to 34 inches in a second?+++DETAILS trucs_fourchette.jpg (18864 octets)
Very efficient, boils water in no time!+++DETAILS


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Do it all camp soap..+++DETAILS savon_petit.gif (5487 octets)
How to prevent beer can puncture:+++DETAILS
To take a good hot shower +++DETAILS douche_solaire_small.jpg (16643 octets)
Ever tried to pitch a tent in the dark...+++DETAILS trucs_frontale.jpg (3686 octets)
Our tent was chosen with a few things in mind...+++DETAILS trucs_tente_2.jpg (9809 octets)
Built in 1967, this tower served as  living quarters...+++DETAILS


A place not to be missed   +DETAILS
La Montagne du Diable (Devil's Montain)
relais_diable.jpg (6350 octets)
Wildlife (fauna)
In case of a close encounter with a bear....+DETAILS


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