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August 23rd, 2005 - 3rd of 16 days - in  Quebec

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Wow! Check that out! Man is it nice!

It's mainly because quads can take us anywhere that we chose to use them.

In this part of Québec, during summer, quads use snomobile trails. Great! Trail signs are useful all year long!... except that... during winter, lakes and swamps are frozen!

Here we are facing our first major "trail challenge". A seemingly endless hole of mud. "Simonac, we'll never make it through that!" I thought. The thing is, I'm not familiar with the area and I have no idea if there's an easy way around that monster.Well, O.K., let's try it...

Hey! Hey! Guess what! We made it! Good thing we tried it! Let's just say that the equipment (and us) has changed color for a dark shade of brown (sorry, no pictures, too busy!) but hey! We made it!



It's nice and sunny. We're rolling down narrow trails in the middle of nowhere thinking we're all alone, when, all of a sudden...we see a gigantic red and white...thing....  O.k. he gets instant trail priority! It's one of those super off-road trucks that Hydro-Québec uses to reach remote locations where their High Voltage lines are.



Yeah !
Yeah ! 1st STAGE: DONE! 

Made it to Gouin dam.
Obstacles overcomed, equipment is holding and so are we!

Bof... WHAT?!?  $13.50 a gallon!

We kinda expected to pay a little more for gas in remote areas but... $13.50 a gallon! That's way too much.Around our place it's about $4.75/gal.

To reach Gouin dam, we have to travel about 60 miles on wide forest roads on wich it's impossible to follow each other (dust). We have to leave around 1/2 mile distance between us.

At first, from a distance, you can only see a huge cloud of dust...imagine when they pass us...They're the logging trucks: 26 Wheels, over 65 feet long, well over 60 m/h, Man, it's a heck of a show to see them zooming down those curvy gravel roads! The only thing you see is the front grill and the cab of the truck...after that, it's total whiteness!!! Well, at least theirs no mosquitoes...







With it's nice view of the dam, this seems to be the perfect spot for tonight.




How can the cooler work with all that dust? And if it rains?

We built an especially designed wood box (thanks Jeff!) that covers it completely. Coolers too need air to work, so we fitted vents equipped with air filters on the inside. Part of the outside is covered with insulating material that also reflects sunlight.

It's amazing what people will think of to keep their beer cold! Cheers!

Today's trick

cooler part 2

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general view
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super nice
wind: 0m/h

the only clouds we see are those made of dust by the logging trucks.

Honey! Where did you put my dust mask??

demi_bas_blanc.gif (169 octets)





1/3 of superb, curvy and scenic trails along Trenche river.
2/3 of wide open forest roads.
Zoom Zoom Zoom!


miles:120 (Zoom Zoom)


fuel: $54 (at $13.50 a gal. that too goes fast!)

restaurant $0


Breakfast: french toasts+maple syrup

Lunch: (canned) salmon+boilled eggs+cheese salad

Dinner: spaghetti with meat sauce and onions





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France says: It's the nicest camping spot we found yet!


3rd night very, very close to the water...

Did you see how pretty the waterfalls are?
What? I can't here you!
Did you see how pretty the waterfalls are?
What? I can't here you!
Did you hear how noisy the stupid falls are!
Oh! Sure! the're soooo pretty!


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