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August 22nd, 2005 - 2nd of 16 days - in  Quebec

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We're running some tests

Our first night went O.K., despite some light rain. We now have to fold down the tent while it's still wet. Tonight, we'll have to remember to set it up a little earlier to give it some time to dry out before we throw our sleeping bags in there. I guess that's all part of life when you're camping.

Trails are kinda rough around here. Even though we try to carry as little as possible, the ATV's are loaded. We have to pit stop in Latuque to stiffen up the suspensions.

Speaking of Latuque, quadwise, it's an example to follow for other small towns. Imagine a paved (no dust) trail running across town, with plenty of signs to guide you and full access to food, repairs and fuel services. We feel welcome here.

So we head north towards Gouin reservoir. But, we'll only get there tomorrow. Today, around 5pm, we'll start looking for the best possible camping spot. Most important: Set up camp before dark. That way, we can check out the ground (for rocks and roots) and the surroundings (for bear or other animal tracks), so we can spend a safe night. We never know what we might find and that's part of the adventure.

5pm. might seem a little early to stop riding, but experience showed us that setting up camp, preparing the food, and just gowing through your everyday chores (like taking...a bath? or washing the dishes) can take a lot longer when your camping out in the wild.

The crackling of the fire... the gentle sound of the river...the singing of the crickets...Suddenly...What's that sound? It's the "Microsoft music"!...That means France is keeping our daily log up to date. With the computer, digital camera and GPS, camping is'nt what it used to be!


Yeah !
Yeah ! A little bit of comfort.
We had lunch and dinner in the rain yesterday and had breakfast in the mist this morning. Since we were in town (Latuque) around lunch time, we figured: How about a nice hot meal out of the rain, for a change? Yeap! Approved unanimously!
Bof... The engine won't start!
After stopping for a suspension check and a lunch break, we're all set to ride for a while but...What's going on?...Nothing. It won't start. Not even a sign of good will...Oh! Oh! It's the cooler, we left it plugged in. Memory check!!

Today we're lucky. We set up camp near Rapide Blanc(White rapid) and we can enjoy a nice bonfire...The rain finally stopped!

BEUARK! If we can enjoy our fire, it's thanks to our camping neighbours who graciously supplied us with firewood because when we entered the forest around us to gather some wood to start a fire (to cook our dinner onto), we where shocked! The ground and even some of the lower tree branches were litteraly covered with (used) bathroom tissue and other garbage! It was unbelievably disgusting! You would have thought we were walking through the regional dump! We thought we had found a remote, isolated camping spot...Guess it's rather popular! Trust me, that sight changed our way of thinking. From now on, we pay special attention to leaving absolutely nothing behind us.



Tasty trick today:
Although we mostly carry non-perishable food, we still have all it takes to cook a great side dish!

Potatoes (thin sliced)

Onions (thin sliced)

Pre-cooked bacon (super practical)

Maple syrup (a good sip of sap)

Vegetable oil (just a little)

Spices (to taste)

Wrap everything up in aluminium foil (heavy duty) and slowly cook about 20 min. on the bonfire.

Try it and let me know what you think!



Today's trick

potaoes for dinner

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general view
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partly cloudy
wind: 5m/h
Yop! First night out near the bonfire, cool!
demi_bas_blanc.gif (169 octets)





Details: Kinda shaky...tomorrow morning...scrambled eggs!


  • miles: 60 we're stable!
  • food: $24
  • fuel: $74
  • restaurant: $32

    2nd night near the water. Camping spot nicer then yesterday's.



Breakfast: Eggs

Lunch: resto

Dinner: fire grilled weiners with potatoes+onions+syrup+bacon slowly cooked on the bonfire...hummmm!






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RM Motosport, Victoriaville, Qc.  Polaris, Suzuki dealer.

Gave us an important discount on the price of a quad and accessories.