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August 28th, 2005  8th  of 16 days - in  Quebec
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"Civilized" camping:

We've been here before! Execept last time, there was about 3 feet of snow on the ground. Don't you like those places where can enjoy the Holiday like scenery in winter and then come back the next summer to discover a whole new panorama?
For time being, it's rather quiet out here. But during summer vacation time, especially on weekends, you should make a reservation a few weeks before driving up here.

Hauling our camping gear gives us the freedom to camp wherever, whenever we see a beautiful spot without having to show up for scheduled reservations at motels or whatever. But, every now and then, a hot shower, a good meal prepared for us lures us towards a "regular" campground.

Of course, our freedom has it's limits: Private property and fuel. Finding gas every 3 days or so is a must. Today, the campgrounds marina is where we fill up.

Honey! Where's my toothbrush?? Think we brought too much junk?
Look all around us, it's nice everywhere.


La Pointe à David
Baskatong lake

Our campsite is right in the narrowest part of the peninsula.



  • From a simple river, the Baskatong reservoir was ceated in 1927 when Mercier dam was built.

  • Bakatong facts:
    overing 123 m2 (320 km2)
    Dept of 312 feet (96 meters)
    Perimeter of about 1116 miles (1800km)
    1736 miles (2800 km) of banks, mostly sandy
    Over 160 islands
    An inland sea
    Reknown for it's beaches

  • To the fishermen it offers over 8 different species of fish.
  • Outdoor activities:
    esides fishing, you can enjoy:
    huge windsurfing area
    Miles of beaches to discover
    Sea kayaking, waterskiing
    Personnal watercraft, canoeing...





Yeah !
Yeah ! Baskatong reservoir

Beautiful, gigantic, sandy beaches, 100s of islands for boaters to discover, an outdoor lovers paradise!

Bof... The bad part of today is that I can't find anything bad to write here... Smile! Lifes good!



Hello Moe & Jo!


While taking a break near a lake (of course!) a gentleman (Moe~60) comes to ask us:
"You go fishin'?"
"Nope, we just ride in the area"
We can see his quad in the background but, more importantly, we see a woman (Jo~30) lying on her back, on the ground. Moe says that Jo is'nt in such a great shape today(read: she's had too much to drink).

He says he'd like to go back home and send Jo to some center where somebody could take care of her (read: he's sick of it...). But Jo can't make it up on the quad (re: too drunk to stand up...), so he asks us if we could help him put her on the quad..."Sure, why not?"

First, we've got to put her shoes back on. Even before that, we've got to find them!...O.K. We found the shoes, now, have you ever tried to put shoes on someone who's sleeping? Ackward, to say the least...

10 min. later, we're done with the shoes! Now, to get up up on the quad...Marc takes one leg, France takes the other and Moe grabs Jo by the shoulders.
1,2,3, go...She's on it all right! She,s all over the quad!

Moe's happy. He thanks us and opens a little cold one for the road, and off they go.

Like he kept saying: "Life can be tough, sometimes..."

Was kinda funny, you just never know who you'll run into. Gobye Moe & Jo!



Noises: cars -people passing by

Looks: from curious fellows

Bathing: hot shower

We like: services, food, fuel, laundromat, etc..

Risks: to get stuff stolen...

Cost: $20 to "30


Noises: Birds, mice, branches in the wind

Looks: From animals

Bathing: in lakes and rivers, cold water

We like: the feeling of living in the wild

Risks: to be eaten...

Cost: $0

A good swim in the cool waters of the lake and then, a hot water shower at the campground...the best of both world!


Sunset, sooo romantic...
(guess who wrote that part...)





A lot of people suggested that we should'nt use a trailer. They said they were nothing but troubles.
They break, they weigh a lot and they make the quad a lot harder to manoeuver.

But, since Marc can't take NO for an answer and since there was nothing  similar available on the market, he built a trailer according to our specific needs.

  • as light as possible
  • as strong as possible (it'll get shaken pretty bad)
  • high loading capacity
  • smooth riding independent suspension: a must (regular trailers would litterally destroy our equipment)
  • manoeuvrability: it must be the same width as the quad to follw in the same tracks (better in narrow muddy, rocky trails)
  • must have same size wheel and tires then both quads (the spare tires and wheel should fit on any wheel of both the quads or trailer)


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The trailer





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detailed map
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general view
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some mean looking clouds
wind:  gusty  
Sudden weather changes are frequent in the area.
demi_bas_blanc.gif (169 octets)








Going down Devil's mountain was O.K.

The trail to "La pointe à David" reminded me of the whoops section on a motocross track...for miles...





  • 58 miles today
  • 1st time we have to pay to camp: $ 25
  • total food to date: $228
  • total gas to date: $247
  • total resto to date: $87
  • total miles to date: 534

Breakfast: Bread and juice (too windy to use the stove)

Lunch: Salami + cucomber + cheese + chips

Dinner: Resto













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