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August 29th, 2005  9th  of 16 days - in  Quebec
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The inhabited Forest; a multi-ressources management: now that's a good idea!

We get up early in the morning have a coffee and look at the fishermen getting ready to hit the water for the day. Ahhh! Vacations are great, we relax, there's no hurry. When suddenly...Oh no! It's starts raining! The tent was nice and dry...

Lesson no 1: When camping, if you intend to pack up the tent today, do it first thing in the morning.  You can always have breakfast later and it's so much more confortable to sleep in a dry tent the next night..

We asked around how the trail to Maniwaki was and we always got the same answer: Very find! A local fellow even told us he tried to get there 5 or 6 times but never made it! Interesting...

Well, once again, they were right! We got lost, used the GPS, found ourselves on the road, got lost again, got in a little bit of a fight...and after spending most of the afternoon looking for the trail, finally resolved to use some backroads to make it to Maniwaki. Don't try that at home, kids!

From there to the ''Forêt de L'Aigle'' (Eagle Forest), there are 3 or 4 very easy 'legal' trails, and once you get to the Forest...WOW!

"La Forêt de L'Aigle" the beginning of a territory offering a ton of outdoor activities. As far as we're concerned, the numerous quad trails, lakes and rivers surounded by a forest of mature trees is exactly what we're looking for in our trips.

One of the 4 ''Forêt de l'Aigle'' arches.



The ''Forêt de L'Aigle'' management corporation administers a territory according to an ''Inhabited forest'' concept, this involves an Multi-ressources approach (forest, wildlife, social and recreotourism) according to a regional dynamic of which actions the local countries will profit.

Find out more at


YeahForêt de l'aigle
Yeah ! A forest managed in such a way that people can enjoy it


Bof... Don't put to later what you can do now !
Bof... Dry tent and sleeping bags...much more confortable



River swimming

Picture's not too clear but you can see it's Marc in the water.

Is there no leeches in rivers?


France enjoys an horizontal shower...


We check out the surroudings, noting that people come here regularly to camp. There is an out house, and there are some trash cans (half-full) that are nicely covered with varnished wood.  We see no sign of any animal visitor so, to us, it's looks like a safe place.

Wonderfull! there's even a river side wooden deck to put the tent on

Note: France is still working on that computer


Wich quad should we use ?

Our criterias are:

  • 4X4, so we can go anywhere
  • fully independant suspension (a 10 month Bottom Bashing adventure...)
  • EFI (a must in the rockies altitude)
  • rack load capacity
  • 2 identical quads:
  • -same spare parts
  • -same spare tires
  • -same trail handling for both of us
  • -both quads can haul the      trailer
  • automatics (a France only criteria)


wich quad should we use?


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detailed map
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general view
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wind   m/h  
Rain in the morning...just enough to get the tent wet, partly cloudy for the rest  of the day.
demi_bas_blanc.gif (169 octets)















From "Pointe à David" to Maniwaki, hard to find but easy to use trails. Between Maniwaki and "Forêt de l'aigle", fabulous!









  • 73 miles
  • fuel: $22
  • resto: $18
  • camping: $10









Breakfast: Resto (a little rain in the morning is good for the business)

Lunch: Sandwiches

Dinner: Hot dogs on the bonfire







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