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12 days, 4 regions, 893miles, in Quebec

Region 1, Lac St-Jean: St-Hedwidge, La Doré, Normandin

Sept 9th, 2006

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We're rolling down the trail in a deeply wooded area when "PAF!", all of a sudden everything changes from forest green to metallic gray...Where right in front of Hydro Quebecs' La Doré station. Impressive! By the size of it as well as by the "buzz" we can hear! There's juice in there folks!

Area of many lakes and rivers = Electric energy.hydro.jpg (55462 octets)


We must ride through La Doré to get to Chibougamau, but once we get to La Doré, it's impossible to get out of there! No matter what trail we take, they all bring us back to La Doré! What makes it even more interesting is that nobody seems to know the trails and that we can't find a map with enough details.

Fortunately, trails are absolutely beautiful. Sandy, curvy, wooded, faboulous!sentier.jpg (70128 octets)


An inevitable stop at "chute à l'ours" (Bear falls) to enjoy the great decor.  The Ashuapmushuan river (say what?? river who, you say??) La Doré/Normandin.
Note the small beach up the falls, left center of the picture... chutes_2.jpg (64423 octets)

Late afternoon, we finally found someone who new where the trail for Normandin was. Thanks!


titre_aujourdui.gif (1037 octets)titre_today.gif (368 octets)
Yeah ! A postal card!
Yeah ! Found a beautiful place to spend the night.
Bof... "What?! You mean we're still in La Doré!!"
Bof... Poorly signed trails. We play a game of "guess where you are now!"



Closer to the water - Love my 4x4!chutes_1.jpg (56860 octets)


Here's our bathroom - Water and some privacy, that's all we need.
"Honey, would you close the door please, I'm taking a bath!"chutes_3.jpg (48358 octets)


Looking for the best spot for the night.chutes_4.jpg (72016 octets)


Is'nt that nice? We have nothing against motels, but... chutes_7.jpg (66390 octets)


The second day is already over. With this type of environment, we appreciate even more our "go anywhere" tent!
Note: Remember the beach on the other picture? Voilà! chutes_6.jpg (49453 octets)




Les trucs et conseils

titre_tricks_and_infos.gif (651 octets)

It's a Whisperlite.

For over 15 years the whisperlite has been the leader in backpacking stoves for its reliability and simple design. Shaker Jet technology makes cleaning simple. Made to last with  stainless steel and brass. Burns with white gas, kerosene and unleaded auto fuel (might come in handy...)

Very efficient, boils water in no time!

Weight 14 oz

The burner.

trucs_poele_2.gif (9030 octets)

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detailed map
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titre_weather.gif (461 octets)
50C   122F
  40C   104F
30C   86F
20C   68F
10C   50F
0C   32F
-5C   23F
-10C   14F
intermitant.gif (1341 octets)


Rain in the morning, sun in the afternoon.



Les sentiers titre_trails.gif (371 octets)







10/10 for the magnificience of parts of the trail.



Les statistiques titre_stats_eg.gif (394 octets)

  • Miles today: 60
  • Miles to get to La Doré: 10 
  • Miles to out of there:
    50 !
  • Nb of times back to La Doré: 25 minimun !
  • Lunch: $ 20



Les Oscars-The Oscars:
award.jpg (1717 octets) The most poorly signed trail to date.

sentier_cherche.gif (1699 octets)

Now where's the fork for Normandin supposed to be???



                  repas.jpg (625 octets)


Déjeuner/ Breakfast: Who cares...

Dîner / Lunch:  Resto.

Souper / Dinner:  Diced, spicy tomatoes + pepperonni + onions over linguinis

Add a little wine and a fabulous decor...Hummm! Delicious and romantic...

souper_chutes.jpg (9022 octets)




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rmmoto.gif (7770 octets)

RM Motosport, Victoriaville, Qc.  Polaris, Suzuki dealer.

Gave us an important discount on the price of a quad and accessories.




commanditaire_durocher_small.gif (14489 octets)

Durocher transit. With more than 100 trucks, Durocher Transit inc. offers it's many customers a complete an personnalized service!
Granted us an important financial support to build our trailer.




commanditaire_lettrage_small.gif (12244 octets)

Top Design Stripes and Lettering. Complete and professionnal service in lettering and striping.
Gave us an important rebate on letterings on our equipment.



autohome_small.gif (6039 octets)

Autohome Canada.Exclusive Canadian importer of high quality Autohome roof top tents. Granted us financial support.



BarreOblique Ltée Graphic studio, web, multimedia and printed.

Associating technology, art and content to create unique and efficient multi- media tools.



commanditaire_beauchesne._small.gif (6216 octets)
Garage M.Beauchesne Enr. Top notch quality and service collision center.
Sandblasting and painting of our trailer. Thanks!




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