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12 days, 4 regions, 893miles, in Quebec.

Like the title says, this new jaunt will cover four of Quebecs' most interesting regions to discover on a quad: Saguenay-Lac St-Jean, the Chibougamau region (Chiboum as they call it), Abitibi and Mauricie.

Region 1, Lac St-Jean: Ste-Hedwidge, La Doré, Normandin

Sept 7th & 8th 2006

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A couple of friends of ours let us use their little chalet near Roberval as base camp. Thanks Mari-jo and René!depart_camp.jpg (43823 octets)


France looks at a small part of the region we'll explore and seems to wonder what kind of adventures are waiting for us...depart_vue_ensemble.jpg (77579 octets)


What a wonderful spectacle! Moon rising over the calm lake. We wish we could stay up and contemplate it all night but, at the same time, we're anxious to go to bed so tomorrow, the first riding day, comes as quick as possible! lever_lune.jpg (27707 octets)


At last! We're ready for take off!depart_du_camp.jpg (43061 octets)


According to our maps, this trail should lead us...nowhere...After only 8 miles, we hit our first dead-end! Gee! We're not out of the woods yet...By chance, there was someone at one of the few camps in the area. The folks there tell us how to get to La Doré using small trails that don't show up on any maps. Thanks!1ere_riviere.jpg (96545 octets)

Maps are good. But nothing beats friendly folks who now their way around!


Cool! We finally found the road we were looking for.vue_8_sept.jpg (78407 octets)


There you go...First day on the trail and it rains! Bummer...It's 4:00 p.m. We start looking for a spot for the night. Yeah! A tiny little camp with all we need:a roof and a stove: happiness!

Kinda tight, but we're not complaining.
Note: Frances' pouting not because of the rain but rather 'cause of some bug with the computer... camp_8_sept.jpg (119356 octets)


Camp is so small, it could almost fit in the tent... coucher_8_sept_2.jpg (45607 octets)

This place was surely set up by someone with strong religious beliefs, or maybe it used to be a...cemetery...Nice place to spend the night!


titre_aujourdui.gif (1037 octets)titre_today.gif (368 octets)
Yeah ! A roof when we really need it!
Yeah ! The mini camp keeps us out of the rain and lets us dry our clothes!

It's the second time we report, in this web site, finding a small camp just in time to avoid the rain.
Do you remember when was the last time?
Write to us at

Bof... Rain
Bof... First day of riding, first day of rain....


Setting up for the night.coucher_8_sept.jpg (39206 octets)


At least, we got a "no rain" break long enough to enjoy grilled weiners for dinner. Miam! Miam!souper_hot_dog.jpg (75316 octets)


We set up close to a pond in hopes of seing mooses. No luck! coucher_8_sept_3.jpg (50158 octets)


titre_tricks_and_infos.gif (651 octets)

What goes from 12 to 34 inches in a second, is easy to keep handy, and once you discovered it you would'nt want to camp out without it?

A telescopic fork, of course!

trucs_fourchette_2.jpg (3714 octets)

To grill weiners without burning your fingers...

An essential in every camping kitchen.



trucs_fourchette.jpg (18864 octets)

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titre_weather.gif (461 octets)
50C   122F
  40C   104F
30C   86F
20C   68F
10C   50F
0C   32F
-5C   23F
-10C   14F
intermitant.gif (1341 octets)


Sun in the A.M.,
Rain in the P.M.
In our face at 45mi/h on the road, 0mi/h when stopped...






Les sentiers titre_trails.gif (371 octets)







Very easy - once you know where to go!






 titre_stats_eg.gif (394 octets)

  • miles: 45
  • food:$ 0
  • fuel: $ 0
  • rode: 4.5h (small day today)






The Oscars:
award.jpg (1717 octets) MOST APPRECIATED THING.


After being soaked, there's nothing like warming up near the fire.
                 camping_feu_bois.gif (2080 octets)






                 repas.jpg (625 octets)

Déjeuner/ Breakfast: toast + cretons

Dîner / Lunch:   tomatoes+cucumbers+cheese salad

Souper / Dinner: bonfire grilled weiners







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