Day 4 & 5

July 10th & 11th, 2007

Viva Montana ...2

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We've been tricked...

We were ready, with all our equipment and clothing, to face the rain, the cold and even the snow that comes with altitude!! And for the last 5 days, it's been hot and very dry... Montana really surprised us, except we don't have no room figured out for all that unused clothing. See, it's suppose to be on our back...

That's despite the numerous checks made at the usual weather here in Montana...OH Well! We're not going to complain if it's nice and sunny!


This place reminds us of a National Geographics show...Only the bears are missing...


You like contrasts?? Here's a good one...We leave the quietness of the forest to find ourselves...On highway 37, with the cars and trucks!!


On the way to our second sleeping destination, since there are no trails where ATVs are allowed, we have to use roads. Some majors, some minors.
What an irony: Quads forbidden in trails must use roads...Where they are legal.

The good side of it is that it lets us appreciate very very nice scenery.

"Lake Koocanusa Bridge", at 2437 feet long, it's the only bridge to cross the 90 miles long reservoir.




...At the beginning of their territory...


What a strange feeling...We can't see them but they are there for sure...Is there one looking at us right now and thinking "Hummm, that looks good.."?



As we make our way deeper into the forest, the road shrinks...

10juillet_route.jpg (22730 octets)


10juillet_route_gravel.jpg (26017 octets)


...Then, pavement disapears...







...To leave only a superb trail (actually called a road??). We can easily keep a cruising speed of about 30 m/h. It's really the ideal set-up! The trail is perfect, the weather is perfect, what more can you ask for??

10juillet_sentier.jpg (24084 octets)



At a stop near a small creek, some evidence tell us we're not alone.

Tree scratchings are a sure sign...

10juillet-griffes ours.big.jpg (39815 octets)


...Just as sure as the condition of this soda can. It's hard to see on the picture, but it's been litterally thorned, like no human could do, even with a knife...
Know what honey? I think we'll go sleep somewhere else...

10juillet_canette_oursbig..jpg (42499 octets)



AAAhhh!! Here, we should be safe!


A closer look at "Big Creek Baldy lookout tower".

Almost incredible. Reservations were made, from our home, over the internet through the Kootenai National Forest web site where one can check availability (not much...). Make your $30 payment and get your confirmation and access combination. Voilà!


Yep! Combination works!


OK Here what it's all about. In the 60s (1967 in this case) many towers like this one where built to help locate forest fires. The employee assigned to the lookout stayed there all summer so it had to be well equipped and functionnal. Today, thanks to satellite imagery and GPS, the public can rent these towers upon reservations.


Impressive vue to the south-west.


At 5768 feet elevation, the 50 steps to climb up there seem like 500 steps...
Well, it might also have something to do with not being in shape, and maybe age does'nt help either...
The quads did'nt see any difference. Hurray for EFIs! Of course, they're young and they did'nt have to climb all the stairs...

At this height, lightning may be a serious problem. That's why here, absolutely everything is grounded. Walls, trusses, balcony, gas lines...Yes, gas lines!. There's propane lanterns, a stove with oven, and heating here...( like we need heating...)

Even the chairs and bed are mounted on glass isolators.


When ever we go back down, we keep the pepper spray handy.


     Polaris Industries - Canada                            Polaris Industries - USA


Sunset: July 10th, 9:40 PM


Sunrise: July 11th, 5:52AM

Similaire, non?

Similar, are'nt they?

It's nice to cook breakfast in the security of the tower.


We appreciate the coziness and safety of our camp, but someday, we'll have to go back to the forest.


Todays program: Study maps, update the web site, and yes, Marc has to have an haircut...


Speaking of maps, the round thing in the center was used to locate forest fires. Thank God for satellites and GPS...


Yeah ! The tower!
Yeah ! To live and sleep in the tower,what an experience!
Safety, remoteness, (litterally...)breath taking scenery!


Bof... Today, double bof!
Bof... 1- The bathroom is 50 vertical feet away...

2- But worst: The beer is hot, Not room temp, not warm, HOT!!


Turner Mountain ski center...Viewed from the sky...


Here are the Cabinet Mountains.


It's 10 AM, it's hot, (clothings prove it...), luckily, soon as your in the shade, it's nice and cooler.

There are flies and bees everywhere but, they don't sting...They just buzz around.


He might not BE strong but at least he SMELLS strong...When did you have your last shower, you say??

In the evening, we watch for deers...


...Enjoy sunsets


...And just relax.



Built in 1967, this served as the living quarters and field office for the lookouts assigned to this lofty post.

Constructed atop "Big Creek Baldy Mountain" (5768'), it's 51 feet tall.

Eqipped with a stove, propane lights and heating, it can accomodate 3 persons.

For reservations:

Big Creek Baldy Tower.

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Lat    N   48 38 06,4
Long W 115 32 44,3


50C   122F
  40C   104F
30C   86F
20C   68F
10C   50F
0C   32F
-5C   23F
-10C   14F
meteo_soleil_3.gif (4118 octets) NICE!










Main roads, secondary roads, trails, a little bit of everything.

Les statistiques

  • 49.7 miles today
  • $75 Food
  • $22 Fuel
  • $6 for 2 showers.
  • $32 a night for the tower
  • Nb of mosquitoe bites to date: 0
  • Nb of sun burns: One each.

Note: All amounts are in US $.
All distances are miles.



Déjeuner/ Breakfast: The 10th: Toasts on the fire.

The 11th:Toasts, beans and hash browns prepared on the stove at 50 feet up in the air...

Dîner / Lunch:  10th: Tomatoes, cheese, hard boiled eggs, chips.

11th : No lunch.

Souper / Dinner: 10th: Hot Dogs.

Le 11: Spaghettis with tomatoes and pepperonni.


Les Oscars-The Oscars: le gagnant est... L'ITEM LE PLUS APPRÉCIÉ:



Water: It's rare and precious up there...




Nous sommes fiers de vous présenter nos partenaires.
Ils nous ont fourni un soutien important afin de nous aider à réaliser cette aventure. MERCI À TOUS



We are proud to introduce you to our partners.
Their precious collaboration helped us live this fabulous adventure.


Polaris Industries - Canada
Polaris Industries - USA

RM Motosport

Durocher Transirt


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