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May  11th , 2006
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Traveling from trailhead to trailhead lets us enjoy the different towns we roll into.

MorningSide CoffeeHouse


Morningside coffee House, Gilbert,WV

A charming place, with a surprising cachet very unique in the area.

Sipping a good coffee while surfing the web, sounds good to us.

While you're there, make sure to order their chocolate cake with (Peter Pan) peanut butter frosting. Unbelievable!

Anita and the rest of the staff there are just as sweet too...

A warm Hello and many thanks to the owners Penny and Terry for their incomparable hospitality. Salut!


If you're looking for a nice place to relax after a day of hard riding, may we suggest the "Inn at Creekside".

Located across the creek from the Gilbert community connector of the Browning Fork trail system, Creekside has room to sleep 6 in it's 2 bedroom and is equipped with absolutely everything you'll need to spend a confortable evening. From the pots and pans to the satellite, to the computer, it has everything! Quad rentals are also available in Gilbert.

For more details go to

Although we did'nt have time to ride the Buffalo Mountain trail system, we still wanted to see Matewan.matewan_1.jpg (25501 octets)

So we drove down there and it was worth it!

This town has a huge historical background. Matewan is where the feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys started. In short, it's a terrible fight (or should I say a war?) between the 2 families that took place around 1900. It lasted for some 50 years or so and caused the death of several people, some family related, others not.

Coal mines are numerous in the area and Matewan was also the witness of a very difficult period of time for the miners. In the 1920's, a deadly strike broke out, mine workers hoping to get more respect from mining companies. To learn more, check out

Our visit to Matewan made us live a different time period, that of the 1900's.


A concrete wall surrounds part of the town in an effort to help protect it against major floods. Huge steel doors seal off walking paths, roads, and even the railroad tracks. Kinda special...



Built in 1996, the wall will shelter the town from desastrous floods like the one in 1975 wich almost completely destroyed the place.

Another typical W.V. small town. Homes are nested at the bottom  of the narrow valley. Just enough room for the road, the railroad tracks and the river.

The R.D.Bailey dam. It was erected to control the flood waters from the Guyandotte river to protect the riverside towns.

Interesting and very scenic.

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No trails, today we act as "normal" tourists!



  • 0 miles of trails
  • 60 miles of road
  • 600 calories of cake




The chocolate cake man,THE chocolate cake!!l

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