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May  14th , 2006
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It's the last (but certainly not the least) trail system we'll explore. The sun is hot and shinning while we get ready to head out...but it all changes faster than I can write it!! Suddenly, the rain is coming down by the bucket and then...


The rain turns into hail! We litterally get bombarded with hail for what seems like an endless period of time (actually it's just minutes...). Ouch! It stings pretty bad on our wet and cold hands...

While we're stopped to put on our rain suits (a little late for that...), another group of riders pass by and tell us they saw a huge pipe further down the trail. They say it would make a good shelter for all of us. Wait for us!!

Let's warm up with a hot coffee while we wait out the rain and hail...


Too bad we're having all this rain, this trail system is the most scenic of the whole Hatfield-McCoy system.

Really impressive. Trailos are wide and smooth. The area is wooded but with wide open spaces letting us enjoy splendid vistas of the surrounding mountains.

Trail no 23 and especially the portion of it that follows the river is superb. Semi-shaded, sandy, it offers lots of nice spots where you can stop for a river-side pic-nic or just to take a break. Sadly, the rain forbidded the taking of nice pictures, but trust us...



Yeah !
Yeah ! A huge pipe left trail side may not be a pretty sight, but it sure is a great place to hide!
Bof... Wind , cold, rain, hail...

After having left the other group of riders that took us to the pipe, we met them again later (still in the rain) and they were in a pretty interesting situation...

One of their 3 quads had a transmission problem making it impossible to ride it or to tow it on it's 4 wheels without damaging the tranny even more...

The thing is that we're approxiamately 10 miles from the trail head!!

Humm...A plan , a plan, we need a plan. Can you say "Brainstorming"?

Speaking of storm, it's still rainning, it's cold and nobody want's to hang out in the woods any longer. We got to try something...

O.K. So what's the plan??

Marc suggest trying something he's seen in "Dirt Wheel" magazine.

Everybody's wondering...Is that really going to work?

Think Honda fans are laughing now? We think so!

Technical tid-bit: The Scrambler is an all wheel drive type 4X4 meaning that the front wheels only engage when necessary. That's what made that towing style possible. It would have been impossible to tow a full time 4X4 (such as this Honda) in the same manner without disconnecting the front driveline.
Still laughing, guys??

Well, we're all set. Let's give it a try. We take off , slowly but surely heading for the trail head.

We made it! The guys were sceptical at first but, after awhile, they felt so confident with the set-up that they decided to continue riding that way the 5 or 6 miles of paved road from the trail head to their campground!

Needless to say, Walter and both his friends were quite happy with the outcome...

Well, this concludes our little jaunt in West-Virginia. W.V. was very interesting although very different from what we expected. The return trip (about 20 hrs driving) went smoothly, without any problems.

We now know our equipment is functionnal. The only thing left to do now is to clean it all out and get it ready for the next trip...


A good rope and some friends to lift the quad and you're all set!

pinnacle_towing_small.jpg (18827 octets)


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Durocher transit




some sun, some rain, some thunderstorms, some hail, the works!
demi_bas_blanc.gif (169 octets)







Easy and nice but wet and muddy.





  • 1/4 gallon of water in the coffee...
  • 1 gallon of water in my boots...
  • Thousands and thousands of gallons of water in the trail!!!




RM Motosport



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