The Quadtrek Adventure was an unforgettable experience for Minnie as well !!

From October 10th, 2007 to May 26th, 2008.

But let's ask Minnie to tell you
how she grew up with Quadtrek

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October 10th, 2007.


Hi ! It's me, Minnie! Well, at least that's how the two new humans in town call me...

I was still just a puppy on that picture, about 4 months old. "Cute" Unh?


I was left on the Navajo reservation (in Pinon, Arizona) by my ex-owners. Guess you could say they abandoned me here.
Now, I spend my life here with many other dogs.

But still, I prefer the company of humans, mostly for the food and comfort they bring. You know, humans live indoors, well, most of them do anyway... While here, dogs, have to stay outside.

In fact, I'm the only pup around to have privilidge to come inside the Hogan. Being good looking has it's advantages...


One day, those two bizarre strangers showed up in town...They're not the same color as the other humans, they don't speak the same way and they don't even smell the same...

Plus, they got here riding those funny looking little micro-cars they call "quads". Really strange, I tell ya!

They say they came from Canada... Whatever that is, it's supposed to be really really far away...

But, they're kinda nice and, for some reason, I like to be near them. The bearded human says I should be called Minnie because I remind him of someone called "Minnie Mouse". Now, who does he think he is??

Anyway, they take me for short rides on their "quads" and I kinda like that although, it's kinda scary. The other day, I heard them say they're thinking of taking me with them...

Not too sure about that...Not too sure...


October 12th, 2007

Well, guess it's true now!

I'm leaving for a looong quad ride!

They say we'll see wonderful places and that we'll even go to Mexico.

By the way...What's ... Mexico??

Anyway, I'm willing to try it!

What an Adventure for little me!

Told ya those guys were strange...



For the first time in my life, I have to wear a collar. I fought back as hard as I possibly could, there was no avoiding it. I'm stuck with it. But that's nothing, sometimes, when they want to go walking, they tie me to them with this rope! Man! What a pain! It's sooo cumbersome! And I can't even go to the bathroom in peace! I know, I know, they're afraid they'll get lost but, hey! Relying on little 4 months old me to bring them back to camp!! Good thing I decided to go with them, they would'nt have gone very far!!

My new owners live in this tiny little canevas house. I've seen some similar ones before but they were white and pointed while theirs is blue and rectangular.

It's soooo small! I'm happy they don't ask me to sleep in there with them, they'd probably squash me to death!!


I'm beginning to like this new, nomad life.

We don't have a house anymore (except for that tiny canevas one..) but, we get to see all kinds of stuff...

My bearded owner says he can hardly read the maps anymore (in the bag I sit on) and that, if I keep growing up, they're going to have to find another place to put me... He's so grumpy, he grumbles all the time...



The last few days, I felt both my bearded and my blond owner were getting more and more excited. They kept talking about that "Grand Canyon", that we were getting closer and closer and that they were anxious to see that and bla, bla, bla...

WOW! That really is awesome! There's no way an ordinairy dog can dig a whole that big! No doubt about it! It's the work of All Mighty Grand Pack Leader!


Humans are bizarre! They ride hundreds of miles to come here and see that Grand Canyon and what's the first thing they do when they get here? They turn their back to it and face a little plastic box that goes "clic"!  Dâh!


Hold me tight, Blondie! I'm too young to meet the Grand Pack Leader yet!



Man! It's cold!

I had no idea it could be so cold in Arizona, near the Grand Canyon.










A sweater helps keeping me warm.











Brrr... No heater under the tent...
Sometimes, I miss the Hogan...


Waddaya mean "Come on Minnie, we're leaving??" I hear that all the time, "we're leaving, we're leaving... Everyday, we're leaving...  Could'nt we just stay, for a change??



All things considred, leaving to go further south was a good move. It's a little warmer here.

I have never seen so many different cactus. They come in all shapes and sizes! Gotta be real careful where I walk!


Say what?? Joshua trees are protcted! Dogs are'nt supposed to eat them?? I swear! It was already dead when I got here! It was there, on the ground... I thought... it would...taste good...

All right! All right! I won't do it again, I promise!

Hey! Hey! They drive like maniacs! Over 55m/h my ears start flapping in the wind!!


Plus, it's getting pretty crowded with me and my bearded owner on the seat!!!


The girls go shopping!

They say it's best to get all the stuff we need before we cross into Mexico.

That Mexico place seems to make my new owners a little nervous...


Aaahh... I feel so much safer with my new harness hooked to the quad. You never know, sometimes those trails are pretty rough.

From now on, I'll be sitting behind Blondie. She's so cute! She want's me to call her Mommy!


The days are long but there's never a dull moment.

Our crossing into Mexico went really smoothly after all.
Mr. Custom Officer was very friendly, he did'nt ask me any questions...

Well, if you'll excuse me, I think I'll take a little nap...ZZZZZZZZZ...


Hey look what I just found!

That's the way it's supposed to go, right?

I'm still just a baby, you know !!








But I know how to make humans love me...

"Here Mommy, I brought you flowers!"



Mommy!...Mommy!...Daddy!...Daddy!... Where are you???

They jumped in that super cold water and now, I can't see them anymore! I don't have a choice, I got to jump in it myself, they might be in trouble!

OOhhh! I hate swimming!!! Especially in cold water!

Aah... Some of the things a dog has to do to take care of it's owners !!! Got to have an eye on them constantly!!!


OK now! Everybody is safe and sound, now?! I'm going back to the beach! I'm freezing in here!



There's nothing more exciting!!











Sniff...Sniff... Someone burried something here...Better check it out!








Alone on the beach with Mommy and Daddy.










Come on! Come on! Hurry up!Can't you see the big wave coming??









Wait for meeeee!!!










But freedom comes with risks...
Ouch !!! One more cactus needle between the toes!!

I've had needles stuck everywhere on me... On my nose, in my mouth, on my feet, on my forehead, everywhere!!


Aaahh!!! Mexico!! The beach, the vacations, life's good!!


Merry Christmas!!!


I wait for my presents in my little house (actually, I share my little house with the 12V fridge who needs it during the day to stay to of the elements. It's OK, I get to use the house at night, I'm happy!)




I used to ride just 'cuz I wanted to stay with Mom and Dad. But now, I ride 'cuz I really love it!

I won't let them go anywhere without me! Soon as I hear the engine running, I jump on!

Plus, I keep an eye on their stuff when they're not around!




   Polaris Industries - Canada                            Polaris Industries - USA


March 6th, 2008.


Sob... Sob... I'm so sad...
After spending about a week together, my first real boyfriend did'nt even come to say goodbye before we left.


Males... They're all the same...


''Waddayamean, I'm getting bigger??"



Les Oscars-The Oscars: le gagnant est... LA CHOSE LA PLUS APPRECIÉE:



My little house. To keep me safe and warm.



March 22nd, 2008.

We're back in the US!!
The quad ride is almost over already!!

I want to play "Celebrities" too!

You can see me in the July 2008 issue of Dirt Wheels Magazine!




April 28th, 2008.

I'm sooo sad... The last few days, we almost did'nt ride anymore.

Today, my owners left me waiting while they were getting thier photo taken for some publicities.

Euh...Hellooo! I did the ride also, you know...

Ah so now they finally recognize how photogenic I am!

And I'm supposed to pretend I'm happy and give them big smiles and everything, unh!


I don't know what's happening to me.

I kinda lost my young girl shape.

I feel strange things in my belly.

If I could, I'd sleep 24/7.

And, I'm always hungry. I eat for 10!

I think I'm pragnet. I'm going to have babies! But, when???

May 12th, 2008.

Wow!! Mom and Dad are really great! They set up this cozy little nest for me!

We're only in Kansas, USA. That's quite a ways from home, still. And the babies will be here soon...Gotta be ready!



May 16th, 2008.

Ouchh !!! The contractions just started... The babies are coming.

WOW!! My first puppy!!!

À 4:30AM 
The 4th pup shows up but, stays partly in, partly out for a long while. His little legs are out, but I'm soooo exhausted that...I just can't push anymore. The baby does'nt come all the way out. Daddy pulls gently on the rear legs... (Not bad for a human with zero experience). then he pulls on the tiny pup by the hips, the belly...until it's completely out, safe and sound!

The last puppy just arrived. Mom and Dad say they're tired 'cuz they were up all night... Good thing THEY did'nt have to give birth to 6 pups!!


Here's my little family, 6 lovely and healthy little pups.

Let me introduce you to:









What a story!

Me, Minnie, I'm from Arizona, USA.

The father is from Baja, Mexico.

The babies were born in Kansas, USA.

And the whole family will be living in Canada!! (Except for the father, that S.O.B. of course...)




May 20th, 2008.

We just got to my new home, in Québec!

I did'nt know I had a friend (Jackie) here waiting for me!
My goodness, is she big or what??

It's very sad... The Adventure is over. I'll have to get used to not go riding everyday now. I'll also have to take my new job as a mother very seriously. Plus, I heard Mom and Dad say they would soon have to leave me home alone most every day to go to a strange place where they can't me. They call it "work"...



May 26th, 2008.

The pups are already 10 days old and they're getting bigger by the minute!

I hope we can find good families for them (when they get 2 months old).


Aaahh! I'm beat. Good night!



Yeah !   Freedom!!
Yeah !
Hour and hours of fun running on the beach and in the desert!


Bof...  "I miss you''...
Bof... Even for just a few hours, it's always hard to see Mom and Dad leave without me.




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