Day 85, 86, 87 & 88

September 29th and 30th and October 1st & 2nd, 2007

From Panguitch to Bryce via Casto Canyon, Utah 

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Leaving Panguitch after a very, very windy night.



Many thanks to Kim and Bob Hermann, owners of the Panguitch KOA for the free campsite for the night. Good luck with your new project!



Yeah ! We're back to Quadtrek's birth place!
Yeah ! Here we are back to the Quadtrek Adventure was born! Where it all began!
Bof... It's cold!!
Bof... At least a three dog night! Come ooonnnnnnnnn Mexico!!!



Casto Canyon trailhead.



Chris Newman, of the "At Your Leisure" TV show, drove from   Salt Lake City to meet us here to get some footage for a segment they want to do on us. About 240 miles, one way!!



At least the scenery was worth it!!


And I thought the stuntman was supposed to be in front of the camera!!




Thanks Chris! It was a real pleasure!

For those of you who might have missed it on the last update, Click here
You will enjoy the excellent job they did!




"C'mon Hon! I'm taking you for a ride!"








"But first, hand me the ladder so I can get the grocery out of fthe truck!"






...Seen in Casto Canyon...



     Polaris Industries - Canada                            Polaris Industries - USA



The next morning...

"Can you make me another cup of coffee, Hon? My feet are just starting to thaw out..." (By the way, a minute after that photo was taken, Frances sox had holes in them...)


See the guy in the middle? Gives you an idea of huge the place is.


Can you picture yourself here?


Quadtrek was here!





Caution: Trail shared by...


When we said it was photogenic, that's what we meant...






Note the hole in the rock, center of the photo. Kinda like an arch.


It almost seems unreal.


The Casto Canyon trail is only 5 miles long but it has to be the most scenic we've seen yet, by far. We're flabbergastered...


We don't know if you can find such incredible scenery elsewhere in the world, all we know is that it's fabulous!!



We now make it to Bryce Canyon. Unfortunately, quads are not allowed in the park... Since we were here in 2000, we did'nt go back this year. But we can garantee you it is definitely one of the most spectacular places to see in western USA and possibly in the world. Yours to discover...



Quadtrek's birthplace! It's when we saw this sign, in 2000, that we got the idea of doing this trip! It is here that the crazy seed was planted, that it all started. It's a very special feeling to be back here, doing the trip, living the dream!


...In 2000...(It was a little warmer then...)

...In 2007...


Just down the road from Bryce Canyon is the Ruby's Inn complexe. It's so huge, it's on maps and road atlases! Countless rooms, 2 restaurants, and a RV Park. It's at the latter that we'll set up camp tonight.


Here's one who thinks we should share our breakfast!
"Careful tweety, you gonna burn your little legs."


After being frozen to sleep for one more night, we decided to move into a little cabin with a heater! We may crazy, but we're not dumb...


Marc studies the maps (...) and we decide to change our route. We were supposed to head back north for a bit and then east to reach Escalante and then, go straight south across the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument to get to Lake Powell. Since the temperature is so cold (they expect snow here in the next few days...), we'd like to follow the Great Western Trail who heads directly to the south from here. We could then cut across the GSENM from west to east, towards Lake Powell. That would mean getting to lower elevations and warmer temps a lot sooner.

We planned on spending only one night here but, after making a few calls, it seems it would'nt be easy to follow our new itinerary...The GWT goes through some private land where there are locked gates...Plus, crossing the Grand Staircase from west to east does'nt sound like it's piece of cake...Semms we'll have to travel a trail that shows on ABSOLUTELY NO MAPS... Only the locals know it exists...The Grand Staircase is a truly unique place but it's really remote and rugged. There are no houses or services available for hundreds of miles. As a friend said: "People have died here. They get surprised by rain or snow (especially this time of the year). Their vehicule gets stuck...Their not ready to spend a night in the middle of nowhere, they try to get somewhere to find help, get lost and..."

Interesting! Makes you feel like visiting the place...Except, we are ready. We are ready to spend a night in the middle of nowhere (or a few nights if need be). And we don't drive a car or even 4X4 truck, we drive ATVs. (The last people who died here were driving a JEEP!)



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general view

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Au / At    Ruby's Inn, Bryce
Date         1 oct / Oct 1st
Lat    N     37 40 13.3
Long  W  112 09  28.1
Elevation  7670 pieds/feet






50C   122F
  40C   104F
30C   86F
20C   68F
10C   50F
0C   32F
-5C   23F
-10C   14F
soleil.gif (1277 octets)

"Euh, Excuse-me! How far is it from here to Mexico??"





















Les statistiques

Total 4 days

77 Miles
3424 Miles: à date/to date
$0 Resto
$0 Épicerie/Food
$0 Essence/fuel
$0 Camping
$0 Divers/Misc.
$0 Total






-toast + café
-toast + café
-oeufs + bacon + café

-viandes froides + salades
-tortillas + thon
-grill cheese

-steak + riz






Les Oscars-The Oscars: le gagnant est... L'ITEM LE PLUS APPRECIÉ:



Le chauffage de la "cabin".









Nous sommes fiers de vous présenter nos partenaires.
Ils nous ont fourni un soutien important afin de nous aider à réaliser cette aventure. MERCI À TOUS



We are proud to introduce you to our partners.
Their precious collaboration helped us live this fabulous adventure.


Polaris Industries - Canada
Polaris Industries - USA

RM Motosport

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Durocher Transirt


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