Day 89 & 90

October 3rd & 4th, 2007

From Bryce Canyon to Lake Powell, Utah, part 1.

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Leaving Bryce, heading south.


Just south-west of Bryce is the Paunsaugunt Plateau. Many trails make loops through it, giving us access to fantastic scenery very similar to those found at Bryce Canyon National Park.




Trails lead to many different lookouts, giving us different view points.


The trail as you see it when you ride it...


...But just a few feet to our left, hidden behind the trees, are incredibly scenic views!




There he goes again..."Marc, get away from that cliff !!"


Sadly, we take one last look at the Bryce Canyon area...Moving on to some other fabulous places to discover.



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Remember the last time, we told you about some gates that might be locked on the GWT? Well, here it is! The trail goes across a private ranch and the owners lock the gate during hunting season.


But, thanks to Mrs. Cydne Quitter of the Utah trail commitee and to M. Mark Habbeshaw, County Commisionner for Kane county, the gate remained unlocked for us.

When we first met Mrs. Quitter in Richfield, she suggested that we moved south pretty soon to avoid being still in the high mountains while the cold weather was moving in. She was right! Thank you Cydne and Jim for visiting with us and for your advice. It was all very much appreciated! We'll see you next time!

Hey Cydne! Thanks soooo much for all you've done to help us!! We really appreciate it!!


M. Habbeshaw had contacted us before we left home to offer his support and help, should we happen to need help. After reaching him on the phone (while we were in Bryce), he made a few phone calls himself and...Voilà! We have authorisation to ride through the ranch! Super!

Even better! M. Habbeshaw knows the Grand Staircase area like the back of his hand so, he describe to us, with many details, the route to take to cross the GSENM from north-west to south-east.

But wait! There's more! If he could have, he would have loved to join us at some point but, being as busy as he is, he could'nt spare enough time to meet us. But, since we still had to go through that section of trail that does'nt show on any maps, he asked his friend Mr. Lamont Smith, Kane County Sheriff, if he would be available to join us somewhere on the trail to guide us and take us down to Lake Powell.

A couple minutes later, the phone rings:
It's Mr. Tracy Glover, Chief Deputy Sheriff:
"If it's OK with you guys, we could meet you at the head of Paradise Canyon." (Where the trails disappear from the maps)

"Wow! Of course! That would be perfect!!"


Goat traffic jam on the Deer Creek ranch.



Yeah ! The great cooperation of the authorities.
Yeah ! It makes all the difference in the world! Northern Utah should take example on southern Utah! A very sincere and warm thank you to all who helped us in Garfield and Kane County!!
Bof... 10 months is not enough...
Bof... Believe it or not we are short on time!! We could have spent months just exploring and visiting central and southern Utah alone... We're going to have to come back...



Makes sens, does'nt it?


Welcome to the Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument! Gorgeous!
Colors in the mountains...


...And more colors...


...And shapes...


...Form a superb mix !! (Note the continously changing color of the trail, now chocolate.)



It's serious! A lot of people get stuck here!


It's called the Grand Staircase because the area is very unique. Numerous plateaus form a giant staircase going down from about 9000ft in the Bryce area to about 3700ft at the Arizona border.


In front of Grosverners Arch.



Now that's reassuring!
That's the way we have to go...


You are now at the head of Paradise Canyon...Well, hopefully, you are...Since this trail does'nt show on any maps, it's kinda hard to be positive...We'll camp here, in the middle of the desert, and wait for our escort tomorrow morning. If we're at the right place, they should show up around 10:00am...



Watch out for cactuses...












The next morning...10:00am...10:30...10:45...Over here, forget about cell service, never mind sat phone service...We're definitely not sure to be at the right place...They could have had an emergency and not be able to reach us...

Guess we're going to have to move on. We leave a message behind and get going, hoping to be on the right track...


...But, just as we hit the trail...Here they are!!

From left to right:
Mr. Lamont Smith, Kane county Sheriff, France, Marc, and Mr. Tracy Glover, chief deputy Sheriff. Taking the pic: Mr. Tony Wright of the Ut/Az ATV club.

You will agree that MM. Smith and Glover are the kind of folks that you would rather have as friends...




Paradise Canyon.


Marc has never been so happy to have the Sheriff in his rear view mirror.




Studying the maps together. Thanks guys!
Right center: Mr. Tony Wright.


Tight fit.


Once out of the canyon, on Smokey Mountain road...


...The scenery is breathtaking...







A telephone pole...complete with foot pegs to climb in it...just one the middle of nowhere!!!




Standing on top of hell...


Under the GSENM lies one of the largest coal accumulation in the world...Only problem is, it's burning!! For possibly hundreds of years, the coal as been burning underground despite efforts to put it out! That's even where the area got it's name from:
Smokey Mountain.


The last plateaus of the Grand Staircase...


...That means we're getting closer to Lake Powell...




Scenes like this one are humbling...Makes you feel very vulnerable...




Like we told MM. Habbeshaw and Smith:
"It's the first time we come here but, it's certainly not the last!"



Hard to pretend we were'nt aware...


Another leg of our trip is behind us. One last look at the GSENM. Definitely one of the highlights of the journey.


With Lake Powell in the background. Left, in the lake, Lone Rock.


Lake Powell. Undescribable, kind of like the Grand Canyon, only filled with water.


Our 3 friends found a less traveled trail that will take us to the Arizona border. We always considered the southern portion of Utah as possibly a major obstacle. We were even ready to be trailered again if need be. But, thanks to MMr. Habbeshaw, Smith, Glover and Wright, we were able to make it all the way down to the Az border. Of course, being escorted by the County Sheriff for the last few miles does'nt hurt...

All there is left to do is  to scrape off some of the mud and dust before opening the storage compartment and set up camp.


Sunset on Lake Powell...


...Tomorrow you'll be able to judge by yourself if this place is as spectacular as Casto Canyon...T.B.C...


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general view

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Au / At    Paradise Canyon
Date       3 oct / Oct 3rd
Lat    N    37 24 56.8
Long  W  111 39 28.4
Elevation  5908 pieds/feet




50C   122F
  40C   104F
30C   86F
20C   68F
10C   50F
0C   32F
-5C   23F
-10C   14F
soleilnuage.gif (1330 octets)

Coolish !











Easy, well marked, cool !




Les statistiques

Total  2 jours / 2 days

210 Miles
3634 Miles: à date/to date
$12 Resto
$18 Épicerie/Food
$49 Essence/fuel
$24 Camping
$10 Divers/Misc.
$113 Total





-smoked salmon salad + cheese

-toasts + juice

-steaks + rice





Les Oscars-The Oscars: le gagnant est... LA CHOSE LA PLUS APPRECIÉE:



The camera !






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