From a dream to an accomplishment!!!

9400 miles

2 quads, one trailer, one couple,
starting up in British Columbia, Canada,
 and heading south through western U.S.A,
 and into Mexico (Baja peninsula),
and back to Arizona, USA

No one had ever done it before!

 A heck of a ride!

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We'll be camping along the trails, so wildlife encounters are more than probable.   So, if eating dust and not knowing what you'll be running into does'nt scare you... You can follow us day by day


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This web site aims at every adventure, trip or quad (ATV) fanatics. Its primary goal is to entertain you, the readers.  So, if you're looking for a tourism encyclopedia... You're at the wrong address! But, if you're hungry for fun, then, following our adventures day to day, will certainly satisfy your craving.


This mega-ride will begin in July 2007. Until then...stay tuned!



France and Marc...
France & Marc ...

"WOW!  SUPER !!! ... Check that out! The Great Western Trail! An ATV trail that runs across most of Utah and could possibly cross the USA!" (We're back in 2000 on a camping trip to Utah).

There are so many extraordinary places to discover, to explore and life is so short...we should pack as much as we can in it (thank's Troy!).

The decision's made. We'll take a year off work (in 2007) to take this special trip. An intense, somewhat "extreme" trip, out of the ordinary.

Using quads will enable us to have access to remote places an will give us the opportunity to enjoy incredible scenery.

After the Americain west, Mexico, and maybe more...who knows.
Watch out Mexico...Here we come!

It may be a crazy dream...but we'll do anything to make it happen.



We're a couple from Québec, Canada, quad fans for over 15 years.


HIM: Marc Joinville:

  • 47. To whom you should never say ''it's impossible, that can't be done...''
  • Challenges and adventures are his source of constant motivation.
  • Love's anything that runs on gasoline. (France thinks it's an unfair disadvantage against her..)
  • Mechanics, GPS, route to follow, that's him.


HER: France Labonté:

  • 51. Always wants to see "what's on the other side of the hill..., of the curve..., of the river..., of whatever..."
  • Loves discoveries and the outdoors.
  • Happy mom of two grown up boys (Simon and Mathieu XXX).
  • Prefers motocross boots over high heels.
  • Perfum:  2 drops of Castrol...The things you have to do sometimes, to please your man!
  • Food, budget and computer, that's her.


If you have questions, comments, suggestions or would simply like to chat about the Adventure, please visit our forum at www.atvwire.com


   A few interesting links:

www.tornatornabell.org   Rafa and Maria from Spain are travelling across the Americas (and possibly around the world) in their VW Eurovan.

www.lbmaps.com  Where we got the map we use in Baja. Garmin GPS compatible software. Lots of details.

www.gonavajotrails.com Visit the Navajo Nation with Paul Tohlakai. Think differently, live differently. Monument Valley, Canyon de Chelly, Navajo Mountain, all unique natural features, are located on the reservation.

www.bajautv.com  2007 Yamaha Rhinos for you to rent. 2 or 4 seaters. Guided tours in beautiful Baja.

www.arapeenatvjam.org/arapeen_trail.htm   The Arapeen OHV Trail System is located in south central Utah in the Manti-La Sal National Forest. Over 350 miles of ATV and 4X4 routes. The backbone of the system is the scenic South Skyline Drive.

www.atvnation.com Ride the Nation!

www.atvwithjim.com This guy ATVed across North-America from west to east with the help of a support team

www.weltrekordreise.ch A couple, now aged 65, took a year off in 1984 to travel in their Toyota Land Cruiser. 22 years later, they're still travelling!

www.clubquadsudlanaudiere.com   Superb winter trails to discover

www.nyrocatv.com/forum.cgi?viewcat=27 ATV related discussion forum




Updated: May. 25th,  2009

Itinerary of the july 2007 megaride: general view

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We got mail!     

Updated: July 2nd, 2008

Here's just an example of the numerous emails we get evrey day!

''thank you for sharing your experiences - you made the winter easier at least for me. I hope you are well and are able to prosper on your knowledge.'' 

To see more emails we got


  • to live with the basics

  • to sleep in a tent for 10 months in remote and isolated places

  • to adapt our food to our new life style (non perishable)

  • to adapt ourselves to very different hygiene habits
    natural shower...

  • to establish the route to follow (not all trails are marked) while taking into account our needs to find food and fuel, all this from our home which is over 2,000 miles from the ride's starting point

  • to live in very different environments: mountains (altitude), forests, deserts, while coping with the weather (cold, hot, rain, snow)

  • 1001 things to learn before we go

    basic wildlife awareness (identify bear or snake habitat)

    isolated region survival techniques

    First aid and CPR

    Use of GPS and map reading

    Knowledge of foreign languages (english and spanish)

    General mechanical knowledge

  • Web site creation and follow up
    hours and hours of fun...

    To know and respect all the different rules and regs regarding the use of an ATV in each of the states we travel into for the USA and Mexico


Happy couple...for time being...

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