Events and press releases.

The point behind publicising our Adventure is to share it with you, our readers. Medias also give our sponsors an opportunity to let everyone know they're supporting us and give their products great exposure.

As a result, during our 9+ months travelling, we received emails from people from all over the planet. Namely from Canada, the U.S.A., Italy, France, Poland, Germany, Belgium, Norway, Spain, Bulgaria, U.K., New Zealand, Mexico and more...

Following are some of the articles / reports / events regarding our Adventure:

- June '06: Story in Camping-Caravaning magazine, read it here (French, PDF format)

- November '06: Story in Sentier/Quad magazine, read it here (French, PDF format)

- November '06: We were featured at "Le Salon National du Quad" (National Quad Show) approx. 15,000 visitors. Click here to see our add (PDF format)

- December '06: Story on Incredible ATV Journey, read it here (PDF format)

- January 2007: Our story was posted on more than 15 ATV related forums on the internet (Many warm thanks to Desert Hawk...)















- February '07: Article on - (electronic media)  read it here (PDF Format)

- June '07: Live radio interview on CHOI FM, 98.1 (Québec City radio station).

- July '07: Article in Sentier/Quad magazine (print).

- July '07: Reports on

- July '07: Article in Quad Journal (electronic media originating from Germany)

- July '07: Article on (electronic media originating from Germany)

- July '07: Article in La Nouvelle newspaper, Victoriaville, Qc.

- July '07: Article on (electronic media).

- July '07: Article on Compact Equipment (electronic media).

- July '07: Article on DSR Magazine (electronic media).

- July '07: Article on All Business (electronic media).

- July '07: Article on Quad Off Road Magazine (electronic media).

- July '07: Article in Camping-Caravaning magazine.

- July '07: Article in Shoshone news (newspaper), Wallace, Idhao, while attending the Jamboree, july 16th to the 21st.

-August '07: Article on My Fox Boston (electronic media).

-August '07: Article on My Fox Chicago (electronic media).

-Sept 3rd to 7th, '07: In attendance at the Arapeen ATV Jamboree, Ferron Ut.

-Sept. '07: In attendance at the Rocky mountain ATV Jamboree - Richfield Ut.

-Sept. '07: Interview and report on RDS (Outdoor TV channel in Québec).

-Sept. '07: Article in the Emery County Progress (newspaper), Ferron, Utah.

-October '07: Interview and report on At Your Leisure TV show (Utah).

-October '07: Article in  ATV Illustrated magazine.

-November '07: Article in the Yuma Sun newspaper, Yuma, Arizona.

-November '07: Article on Ezine Articles (electronic media).

-January '08: Article in  Sentier Quad magazine.

-January '08: Article on Motorcycle USA (electronic media).

-January '08: Article on ATV Rider (electronic media).

-January '08: Article on Quad Experts (electronic media).

-January '08: Article on ATV Sport (electronic media).

-January '08: Article on ATV Illustrated (electronic media).

-March '08: Interview and report on Fisher's ATV World TV show (U.S.A.)

-July '08: Two articles in Dirt Wheels Magazine: 1st article, 2nd article.

-Coming soon: Article in Sports Magazine (Italy).

-Coming soon: Article in ATV Wolrd Magazine (Canada).

-Coming soon: Follow up article in Sentier/Quad magazine.

-Coming in september '08: Follow up interview on RDS (Québec outdoor show).








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